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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mid winter night's dream!

Raspberry-Strawberry Cupcake with Cream Cheese Buttercream
            Winter in Winnipeg, MB is at its peak and mother nature is not sparing us from her strengths. While the -45C winds were howling at my windows and the 5 feet snowbanks were casting the full moon's shadows, I was dreaming of warmer days! Green meadows, flower gardens along river banks and full-leaved trees in all their majestic splendor! All of a sudden, I caught myself laying in the grass, cupcake in hand, summer breeze gently caressing my face. Wait... cupcake in hand?! 

         When I woke up the next morning, the endless snow was reflecting the sun's rays and that never relenting wind had only grown stronger. All of a sudden it seemed like a brilliant idea to turn on the oven and start baking what else, but cupcakes. Trying to hold on to any memory of the warmth found in my dream, I decided to try our these whimsical treats and kick them up a notch!  

 All of a sudden I felt transported back in my summer meadows enjoying the warmth of a summer afternoon, and all in the dead of winter! Here we have a "Vanilla sprinkle cake, with a Strawberry-Raspberry Jelly Filling and topped with a light and creamy Cream Cheese Buttercream"!

Split view of the cupcake
Well, after enjoying this treat, I sadly had to go outside and confront this lasting winter and make the most of it! 

Happy baking and keep warm!