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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Express Pizzas

Perfect dish to make for lunch or dinner when you're in a rush. Very versatile and delicious in minutes. I remember making this when I was younger and it all came back to me when I was thinking what to do with the leftover pepperoni from the other night.

The concept is very simple. To make 1 pizza, you take 2 tortillas so it can support the weight of the ingredients. After that you decide on a base, i used some pesto which I had in the fridge. The rest is up to you for toppings. This time around I went for a simple medley of vegetables; yellow pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatos and cilantro. Topped it with pepperoni and some cheese.

To bake these, simply place on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Place the oven rack second to the top position and turn your oven on LOW broil or at 375F degrees. Of course, if you put it on broil, make sure to watch them carefully.

This recipe can easily be adapted for vegetarians by simply not putting on any meat; presto magic, a garden pizza. Hope you get to try this one soon!

Eat well and till next time!


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