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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pâtes à la végétarienne (Veggie Pasta Dish)

Voici( pour la matante), un plat végé, facile a faire, qui sera bon non seulement pour le repas en question, mais pour emporter en lunchs au bureau. L'ingrédient clef de cette recette sera peut être vous surprendre mais rendra la cuisson de ce plat très rapide. En ce qui concerne les légumes, c'est vraiment à votre choix. Une combinaison de légumes du jardin fera autant l'affaire que les végé qui sont en spéciaux de la semaine. Voici comment je me suis pris.

- Une boite (500g) de pâtes Penne Rigate
- Variété de légumes ( Fèves vertes, tomates cerises, zucchini, champignons café et onions de printemps)
- Ingrédient secret?! Base de soupe aux tomates Campbell's  (284ml)
- 1 C. à soupe de feuilles de basilic

Premièrement, faire cuir vos pâtes tel qu'indiqué par les instructions de la boîtes.
Deuxièmement, préparer les légumes en les tranchants finement en petits morceaux.

Par après, verser le contenu de la boîte de conserve dans les légumes et ajouter le basilic. À faire mijoter.

Bien faire égouter vos pâtes pour ne pas avoir trop d'eau qui s'ajoute a la recette finale.
Retourner les pâtes dans leurs plat de cuisson et incorporer la sauce pour bien recouvrir les pâtes.
Servir chaud, avec fromage si vous le désirez.

J'espère bien que vous saurez déguster ce plat avec autant d'appetit que moi!

À la prochaine,


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Before and After; My New Kitchen

It's been quite some time now since my last posting and for that I apologize. The move is now over and boxes are becoming fewer and fewer and the new place is coming together. Most of you have probably seen the "before" pictures of my new kitchen, and let me tell you, what an adventure it has been to transform it.  I have to thank a lot of people, but mostly a few of them, whom without their help, I could not have been able to finish the tasks at hand. The tiles are now back to their original, white color, the cabinet doors are also cleaner then ever, and a fresh coat of paint was splattered from walls to ceiling.

This is a result of having friends and family over at the old place the day before the movers came by (view looking into the old kitchen). Still managed to serve breakfast; eggs on toast, Yogurt and granola with fresh berries, coffee and orange juice. A well needed morning boast to get the ball rolling.

Here it is, the famous before and after pictures; we're now in the final stages of finishing the kitchen (just a few things more to hand on the walls and boxes to empty).

New Fridge, with useful functions like power cool and power freeze, for making cakes in a hurry!

There you have it, new and improved. An old house always has a lot to hide and to reveal once you start changing the details. One thing after another, it's now almost complete and I am very happy to say that the postings will be as frequent as ever and new projects regarding the blog will soon be underway. Which project you may ask? Well the video blogs of course! If ever you have recipe ideas or a favorite recipe of yours you'd like to see on a video posting please send them to

Again, thank you for your patience and your continued support.
Yours truthfully,

The French Kiss Cook

Little Mermaid Cake

These days, kids are exposed to a lot of new cartoon characters, but the classics will always remain! So between making a "Cars" inspired cake and a "Little Mermaid" cake, it was Disney who won this battle and so I started making a little mermaid cake. As for all themed cakes out there, there are a million options for accessories and decorations.

The cake itself it made out of chocolate cake with pastry cream layered between with fresh raspberries. Turned out to be a very popular choice as much for the adults as for the kids. So here it is! 

The cake was surprisingly light to eat and led to many asking for a second piece! Another successful cake mission, accomplished. 

Eat well, sleep well and till next time!