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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitchen renos!

Very exciting news, i'm getting a new kitchen!

In the next month, blogs postings won't be as frequent due to me moving to my new place and renovating. I will try and let you all know what is going on and show the progress of the renos, especially in the kitchen. The size of my new kitchen is fairly comfortable compared to the one I have at home now, but it needs some work. Here's how it's looking now.

Already the owners are installing a new hardwood floor on top of the existing laminate flooring, thank God! Next step will be getting a new fridge to fit in the massive 42" space made for it. The tiles will need some touching up, and of course a fresh coat of paint will be splashed around, color still undetermined. Please observe my biggest issue here, and that would be the lack of counters. No worries, I have already picked out a kitchen island for my workspace.

Here above is the new floor that's going in right now, can't wait to see it finished so better decide the color going in the kitchen. Great thing about this kitchen is the amount of natural lighting from the south side of the house and all the great storage. 

Hopefully when all is done, this kitchen will be unrecognizable! If anyone has tips, ideas or comments about the renos, I will gratefully accept them. Here's hoping you can all share my excitement for this new project. This is a great step not only for me personally, but for the blog as well. I will finally have the set up for video blogging and much more. All very good news. Keep posted for developments on my new kitchen and of course more dinner ideas and recipes!

Eat well, sleep well and till next time!


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  1. SUPER .... I can't wait either ... bonne chance!