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Monday, April 4, 2011

Smoking Volcano on Cake

When came the time to make a dinosaur cake for a 5 year old, many ideas came to mind. Building a 3D dinosaur out of cake seemed like a very good idea, until I decided to really go the distance and to impress the crowds with a special effect. Then came the idea of incorporating all elements of a Jurassic era on a cake, with the most important element being a big smoking volcano. Thanks to many youtube videos and a trip to Dollarama, I came up with a pretty nice cake. Rice crispy treat mix is what I used to mold the volcano by hand and turned out pretty good. Set on a big slab of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. And for the smoking effect? Well after driving all around Montreal to try and find someone who would sell me something less then a 15Kg bag of dry ice, finally found someone who sold me 3Kg as a minimum amount. Ingredients and decorations, 20$. Special effects, 5$. The look on the birthday boy's face? Priceless.  

I rest knowing that I made this little boy's 5th birthday, very memorable. Only people left to prove this too? His friends at school, who to this day still don't believe it and won't, until they see it with their own eyes! 

Eat well, sleep well and till next time!


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