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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Pastry Equipment!

The other day I was having lunch with former co-workers of mine and we were talking about kitchen equipment and so on. All of a sudden, my friend Danny starts mentioning a place, based in Montreal, that sells pastry and chocolate works molds and equipment ( Not knowing this company, I immediately went online and was astonished by their selection and their prices (most molds were between 15$ and 20$). Didn't take long before I called in an order and ordered a few of their molds so I could test them out. So here is my first purchase from Design & Realization, in all it's glory!

You absolutely must check out their website ( if you are interested to start doing some chocolate work from home or want to impress your friends with 5-star looking dessert. Being in the industry for  more then three years now, I still get excited when I can discover new shapes of chocolate molds, which are always evolving! You will probably see posting on my blog, where I will be featuring these molds, so you could also discover the joy of using these modern pastry tools.

After picking up my order, I went on a shopping spree for ingredients so I could right away start experimenting. On my way back home I finally decided to test out a bakery outlet which is situated right behind my condo development. This bakery factory is not only extremely popular for their lunch options but they cater most of Montreal with their pita breads and other middle eastern specialties. Though very modern looking and organized spaces inside, I was not impressed with the quality of their pastries. Their vast variety of cookies all seemed to be called "Date filled cookie", but may be because of their popularity. They were still very good cookies, I indulged myself in a couple.

I think I was mostly disappointed with the cake which I could taste just by looking at it. This dessert was called the Praliné. Covered in chocolate with bits of praline, I knew that I could expect to find a praliné buttercream layered with cake on the inside. Having made praliné flavored buttercreams many times in the past, I was sadly disappointed by the lack of taste the buttercream had, not to forget the lack of moisture in the cake. With only a few minor adjustments, this could have made me a very happy man. Here's a picture below of the pastry.

I will be posting again soon, with new dinner ideas and dessert recipes.
Eat well, sleep well and till next time,


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