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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mexican night? Taco Salad!

Once again, with spring time, comes the awakening of our wantings to get fit for summer. And for all the bodybuilders out there that had been gaining over the winter months, it's shredding season. Here's another carb-less dinner idea which will give you a full spectrum of flavors and vitamins, combined with your serving of protein to fill you up. Simple and easy for a week night.

You basically have two parts to this meal; the salad and the meat topping.
For the salad, assemble a simple romaine lettuce with:
- Green onions
- Bell peppers
- Fresh tomatoes
- Dress it all with some olive oil, salt and pepper
For the topping fry in the pan;
- Chopped onion
- A Jalapeño for some heat
- Add a pound of your choice of meat, pork, beef or veal and cook thoroughly
- Season with your desired amount of chili powder
- Add half a cup of salsa to the meat to bring it all together
- Before adding the meat to your salad, add a can of red beans to the pan to heat them up

For added flavors and to complete your Mexican themed dinner, serve some nachos with salsa on the side and add some cheese on top of your salad. For the health freaks, omit the extras and enjoy a very delicious and satisfying meal.

Eat well, sleep well and till next time!


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