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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend is come and gone and the traditions surrounding it are still very present in certain families. A tradition that has been going on for many many generations in my family is the big Good Friday dinner. What does the meal consist of? Well not much, but just enough of everything. Theres 3 major elements to be made;
- Tarte Aux Patates (Potato and Salmon Pie)
- Sauce Aux Oeufs ( Egg Sauce)
- Tarte Aux Oeufs (Egg Pie)
So all in all, a lot of pie dough and many many dozens of eggs, and the grocery shopping is done. Here's how to make my family's traditional Potato Pie. Easiest part is, theres no recipe to follow. Simply a few ingredients and instructions. You'll need,

- A large amount of potatos, which you will have to peel, cube, cook and mash.
- A few cans of Sockeye Salmon
- Pie dough prepared with Tenderflake Shortening and recipe from the box.

First off, make your dough and roll it out. You will need enough dough for the bottom and the top of the pie. Prepare all your pies with the dough in the bottom of the pie plates. 

      If you happen to have a few helping hands in the kitchen, why not ask politely for someone to prepare the potatoes at the same time. Peel, diced and boil the potatoes until they are ready to be mashed. 

Next step is to mash your potatoes with as much butter as you feel necessary. After that, add in your salmon. For canned salmon, take it out of the can and remove the spinal column or mash it in. You want to mash the salmon really well before mashing it into the potatoes. Keep some of the oils from the can and pour it into the mashed potatoes instead of the usual milk when making mashed potatoes. 

You'll want your potato mix to have a light pink color to it. Then simply add salt and pepper to taste and onion powder and garlic powder. 

Fill all your pie shells, making sure that the filling is nice and packed in. Then place your disks of dough on top to close up the pies.

Only thing left to do is brushing the pies with milk and placing the pies in a 375 degree Fahrenheit oven to cook the dough, just until a light golden color is reached.

Now here's the traditional part. This is how it ALWAYS has been and should ALWAYS be for generations to come. A nice big bowl of home made canned tomatoes beside your plate, and the piece of pie completely covered with the white egg sauce (just a plain white sauce with hard boiled eggs placed inside). 

You absolutely MUST try out this recipe. It is a BIG favorite and a HUGE treat in our family, since it's only served once a year. Really easy to do and very filling! If you'd like any more tips on how this pie is assembled of made, do not hesitate to leave a comment under this post! Thanks!

If you have leftover dough, do not through it away! Roll it our thinly and spread on it, some butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Roll the dough up and cut the cylinder of dough in 1 inch long pieces. Press them down on a sheet pan with parchment paper. Bake until dough is just hard, almost no color on it. These, traditionaly called "Pètes de Soeurs" are a family treat whenever there is leftover pie dough in the kitchen! Hope you can get to try these out for yourself!

Eat well, sleep well and till next time!



  1. hey alix, its chantel... how does one make white sauce? and how much ingredients would I need to make only 1 pie... and can i use pillbury pie crusts?? have you tried to roll out dough with a two year old? heheh!

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