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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Garden update July 2010

A couple months have passed since I started planting my garden. There is nothing I love more then to spend my evenings taking care of it, while basking in the evening sun. The nearby lake is buzzing with new life, including the clouds of bees, so thankful for the selection of flowers in my front garden. I have been making an big effort to utilize my harvests as much as I can, and to share those recipes with you. From Thyme and Fig Bread to using chives and basil in morning omelettes, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few pics of the progress made in my garden this year. 

Cherry tomatoes

Acorn squash flower, in all its beauty

Thyme, shooting up to the sky

Banana peppers ripe for the picking 

Corn, getting taller everyday!

Yellow Bell Peppers starting to take shape

Bumblebees enjoying my front garden flowers

I'm definitely very excited to see the end results with everything shaping up so beautifully. Stay tuned for a delicious and refreshing ice cream recipe incorporating fresh basil! 

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