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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forming A Bread Loaf

Whether you are making Red Wine and Walnut bread, or a simple White bread. The technique is key to getting a tightly rolled and perfectly shaped loaf. Follow step by step for a beautiful loaf of bread every time.

At this point, the portioned out dough had been rolled rightly and went through it's second stage of proofing.

Turn the ball over so the underneath seem is facing upwards. Punch down the dough with the heal of your palm.

Roll up the dough bringing it towards you, keeping it tight with both hands rolling it in.

The next step is to use the heal of your palm and press down all along the seem. This will help with removing air bubbles and also make it a lot easier to roll it onto itself a 2nd time. Once this is done, roll the load with your hand, with the seem up, and put pressure on the ends to seal it in a semi pointy shape.

Once this has been achieved, place in a greased loaf pan, and follow any other instructions that the recipe maybe have following this step before baking. 

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