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Monday, March 29, 2010

Scary Looking Fish!

Which fish am I referring to? Well the Goldeye fish of course. This fish get's its name from, no, not the local baseball team, but from it's golden colours.  These thin, 12 inch long skinny fish can have dorsal spins that range from olive to silver colors. All in all, they all seem to have a major characteristic about them which gives them their name, and this is their gold tint. The scary part is of course their very well developed teeth and gold colored eyes.

These curious creatures lay about 12000 eggs each year and prefers cold water to rely on survival. The cold, fresh water northern lakes, and almost icy conditions of Northern Manitoba, make the perfect environment for this fish. The Goldeye, unlike many other fish, prefers eating minnows and insects, rather then surviving on plants. Here's a tip for all you people who like to fish; they tend to stay gathered in schools and play in large shallow areas. So if you're catching Goldeye, chances are you won't have issues finding more then one.

As for what I found in my plate tonight, smoked Goldeye was on the menu. This served with a bean salad, green lettuce salad and a heaping spoonful of my favorite (yams), makes for a very filling and delicious meal. How to prepare smoked fish in general? Place large frying pan of boiling water to simply heat up the fish. This very fast and convenient method of serving fish comes with a catch; and that would be the smell of the smoked fish when being boiled. Growing up, the smell of smoked fish was always a familiar scent and something we got accustomed to. Certainly brings back good memories of being at the table as a kid.

Go out to your local supermarket and find some smoked Goldeye! It's rich and buttery texture will melt in your mouth! Definitely something to try out! 

Eat well, sleep well and till tomorrow!


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