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Friday, March 5, 2010

Macarons: The Saga Continues In Montreal

Visiting other cities is always very exciting for me, and any other foodies, for about the same reasons. For me, visiting all the pastry shops in Montreal is proving to become a real pleasure for my palate, but also good research for something new to attack when back in my kitchen at home. With all the classical French desserts flooding the city of Montreal, it is getting noticibly clearer how the Macarons are starting to occupy an important role in the dessert market.
After visiting many many pastry shops, a couple of them really stood out to me for their macarons. One being "Duc De Lorraine" and the other one "Point G".

Duc De Lorraine, who established themselves in 1954 as a French pastry shop, is certainly following the macaron trend by offering their own selection of the fragile pastry. Being one of the oldest pastry shops in Montreal, this award winning, food connaisseurs heaven, will outdo themselves everytime. The selection of macarons that I chose there was the following:

- Fleur De Sel Caramel: The newest sweet and salty sensation is getting raved reviews in all types of dessert, includin the macaron which always combines two flavours very well.

- Framboise (Raspberry): Plain and simple, the freshness and sourness of this summer fruit will come dancing onto your palate.

- Pistache (Pistachio): Always a favourite of mine, with added crushed pistachios on top.

- Café (Coffee): What can I say... anything coffee flavored is good!

The macaron selection at "Duc De Lorraine is sold at 5,50$ CDN per 100g, and is a great place to get not only macarons but a variety of classic French desserts and a lot more! Please visit their website for more information @ or visit their store found at;
5002, Côte-des-Neiges
Montréal, Québec
Phone number: 1-(514)-731-4128

Another very exciting place to purchase Macarons is at Point G.

This newer shop offers, a more diverse and interesting flavor combinations for their macarons. The interior design of their shop is mostly inspired by the bright colors of the macarons and give the atmosphere a very trendy and modern look. Here is the exciting selection that I have chosen:

- Caramel Fleur de Sel: Mostly to compare with the ones from the previously mentioned shop.

- Tire d'érable (Maple): This flavor is typically found in everything food related in Quebec and the macarons really know how to attest to that and to prove that, they to can carry this regional flavour.

- Lavande & Bleuet (Lavender and Blueberry): Lavender essence inhibit the shells while the blueberry filling brings both flavors together in perfect harmony.

- Noisette et chocolat (Chestnut and Chocolate): The chestnuts are found in the shells and the filling is chocolate ganache.

- Vinaigre Balsamique (Balsamic Vinegar): Very interesting, to discover for yourself!

-Litchi et framboise (Litchi and Raspberry): Good example of multicultural ingredients brought together to bring new flavor options for consumers to experiment.

I was very impressed with the intricate selection of flavors that "Point G" carried. The very affordable price of 1,50 per macaron is very well worth it here. I was even more impressed when the macarons were being packaged in a thoughtfully designed box to protect their fragile shells to become damaged in transport.

Perfect presentation, color, and taste combinations, make this shop really top notch for macarons! Please visit this shop when you are in the area. Read up on it or follow their blog @ or visit them at;
1266 rue Mont-Royal Est
Montréal, Québec
Phone number: 1(514) 750-7515

All in all, an amazing day of great flavor discoveries coming the pastry shops all the way to dinner at "Holders" in Old Montreal. If you want amazing food and out of this world service, Holders should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Montreal.

So much to see, so little time! Tomorrow, another day of discoveries in Montreal awaits me!

Eat well, sleep well and till tomorrow!


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