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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avocado: Sensual Power Food

Since, what seems to be the beginning of time, the avocado has been a real conversation food. The Aztecs treasured this fruit because of it's aphrodisiac properties. The avocado tree was even named "ahuacuatl", which translates to "testical tree". This is due to how the fruit grows in pairs and resembles male anatomy. Seeds from the avocado were even found placed in ancient Aztec tombs with the thought that the fruit's aphrodisiac powers would be useful in the afterlife.

Little did the Aztecs know that the avocado was one of the best, if not the best, fruit on the planet.  What about all the fatty properties you might ask? Well here's a few facts that will surely outweigh the calorie intake of this wonder food.
- 17g of its 24 grams of fats are mono-unsaturated fats, which will not only lower bad cholesterol, but boost your good cholesterol and aid to a better metabolism.
- The fats contained in the fruit may help your body to absorb nutrients which may in turn help prevent heart disease and prostate cancer (among many other cancers).
- The avocado contains more fiber per gram then any other fruit and even beat the fiber levels of bran cereals (including shredded wheats).
- Contains more potassium then bananas.
- Has always been known for it's aphrodisiac properties.

Most of us, when thinking of avocados, probably think of guacamole or a fresh salsa including tomatoes, onions, cumin and even cilantro at times. Truth is, the just-mentioned combination of ingredients, is just as old as the known consumption of the fruit itself. The Aztecs call it "ahuaca-mulli", translating to "avocado sauce".
The versatility of this "avocado sauce" in our multicultural, everyday, cooking, can be used everywhere. Whether you use it as a stuffing, a topping, or for dipping with tortilla chips, the freshness it delivers brightens up the pallet every time.

Having a few avocados resting on the counter, in that brown paper bag, gave me the idea of making a hot salsa as a topping for the chicken breasts which were already cooking in the oven. Here's what I threw together.

- 1 Red bell pepper
- 1 medium white onion
- 2-3 green onions
Finely chop the three previous ingredients and toss them in hot skillet with olive oil and 2 tsp of cumin and 1 tsp of garlic powder. Cook lightly till the onions become translucent. Do not overcook. While the vegetables sizzle away lightly prepare:
- 2 ripened avocados (mashed in bowl big enough to contain the avocados and the vegetables)
- 1/3 cup lemon juice (added to the avocados and mashed all together)

Right before serving, add the warm, lightly cooked, vegetables to the avocado mix and fold together. This mixture is amazing when put on top of moist, cooked, chicken breast. The warm salsa could also be used as a  stuffing for the chicken while cooking. But I prefer making it separately for the only fact that, if I have any leftover, i can have a dip the day after.

Serve the Avocado Chicken with rice mashed sweet potatoes and rice or noodles, and you have a filling and very nutritious meal. The avocado , packed with fatty acids, and protein from the chicken, this meal is perfect for supper after having done an intense work out.

However you like to prepare your avocado (cooked, mashed, cubed or diced), the nutritional benefits of this amazing fruit will make you quickly forget about the 289 calories it packs per fruit! Have it part of a romantic meal and be rewarded with its impressive aphrodisiac qualities and the taste it brings to any dish!

Eat well, sleep well and till tomorrow!


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  1. A reader asked me a good question; "How do I know when an avocado is ripe?". Here are a few tips.

    - Make sure the fruit has no scars or bruises.
    - Feel it in your hand. Hard as a rock = not ripe. If it feels loose under the skin, its past it's prime. The avocado should feel like the palms of our hands.

    Hope this helps!